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Full Version: Kalpesh Daraji NETLINK SCAM
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Hi Guys!

In case you receive any project offer from Kalpesh Daraji on Behalf of Netlink for a Chat/Email support campaign, it is SCAM. We were contacted by him, sent us the SLA and NDA agreements, but disappeared after we paid the Consultancy charge. We invested in Hiring new people and scheduling a training. Take note so this doesn't happen to you as well. He is using skype as Campaignprovider.
There are too many scammers in this field , pl be aware , we were also cheated by one companies director , today I shall try to contact him fails then I shall his name openly on this forum .
Thanks for posting, from which consulting company did u get this lead. Please let me know.
Why do you guys always fall for the typical consultancy charge scam.
It was Shivjata Ranjar/Campaign Provider, he requested the payment for Netlink/Kalpesh Daraji.
For everyone who was scammed by this guy. We have his id with his real name and address if you're interested.
Sure! Can you please send his details? We will take legal actions against him.
He were victims of this scammer also. He uses the following email: and we identified he's new SCAM campaign. He is using now NATECO IT SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITATIONS. He even made this to try to pass as a legit company. This is the real web page of NATECO IT http://www.*****
Why was my post deleted?
The guy from NETLINK SCAM is with a new SCAM using NATECO IT SOLUTIONS.
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