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Full Version: Big Difference in DME Payouts- Why?
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We are looking for a DME back brace program, and i noticed a HUGE difference in payout- from $30 per sale to $130 per sale. I realize some of it may be due to the difference in Medicare or PPO only. But $100 is a big difference in payout.

My questions are:

1) Why the big difference generally?
2) There are a lot of DME program providers. How can we really tell the difference between the legitimate and scammers?
3) What are some of the things we should ask program providers to help protect us, and everyone?

Hi Tobyreeves,

I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your questions, my company just started generating back brace leads with the recordings and all of the qualifications but the person we are working with doesn't seem to have it all together. This vertical is new to my company and I because we usually stay in the solar and home security industry. I see the potential for the back brace campaign but need a little help. If anyone is will to shed some light on this industry I would greatly appreciate it. My company has generated 15 approved sales a week but hasn't got paid on it. Thank you for your time.

Last week, we had 23 approved sales (based on our script and third party verification system), but have yet to have any approved by the customer for sale. A couple went to teledoc once i challenged the customer on the validity of the sale. But still no payment yet.
Call Center must already be doing 40+ leads per day. Anything less than that, we dont want. 2. Call Center Must provide their own Data and Voip.

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To help clarify your questions, the pricing I believe is based on DO's (dorctor's orders), depending on the supplier your contact sends the approved sales to, it goes to another set of gate keepers. You have checks such as same and similar and your supplier won't pay for the DO if the patient has been charged prior for braces. The pricing difference is also based on the number/type of products that was sold. You have to clarify your contracts with the center you are working with and the process in which they get paid so you understand the process better.

I am new in the business and about to start selling filtered raw leads for DME (PPO/Medicare Stand Alone/Medicare Advantage) on all regions. My data comes from OPT-INS(web), dental records, mailers, and general advertisements. We have contacts who do the work from mainland US through the ff states: AZ, OH, GA, NJ, PA, NY, and CA.

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Sir Aldwin,

I see your name pop up on a majority of the threads and was just curious what it is exactly you do? Please shed light on this.

I am new in selling raw/data leads and would like to find positive connections and people who could help me improve my business. Maybe we could help each other.

I am based in the Philippines and I do have partners (cousins) who are in the US who help me with the entire data collection.

Please email me at

Thank you
pls connect

SKYPE ID: aldwinlontok

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