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Full Version: Non-Voice BPO Project (Data Entry)
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Hi everyone,

Project Details and How TO WORK:

1) After finishing your order, within 24 hours PROJECT PLACED MAIL will be sending to you.
2) You have to DOWNLOAD the file (e.g., you have to download the files within 24 hours(250 pages over there).
3) each page, you have to type in a new NOTEPAD.
4) We have already send you the SAMPLE text. (Pls find in attachment)
5) You have to copy the sample.txt and paste it in a NEW NOTEPAD.
6) Then you have to change the TITLE NAME (e.g UAE0b45821)
7) Then change the PAGE NUMBER(e.g Page 75001(or) PAGE 75001)
8) <P></P> In between you have to type the paragraph (e.g <P>reached by road. here one may sit at ease on shady porches and overlook one of the most extended,</P>
9) For each and every ending of the line, you should give <br> tag, its must
10) Finally you have to SAVE your PAGE as TITLE NAME with html (e.g. UAE0b45821.html )
11) After completed 250 PAGES, you have to create new folder NAME is UDS45321 (e.g UDS45321 , that is TOTAL 250 PAGES DOWNLOADED NAME)
12) After created this folder, you have to convert this folder into zip (e.g
13) After completing your PROJECT, you have to SUBMIT it.

Upfront:- 15000 K = 230 $

Per ID Price :- 2500

Payment Slip available..

Payout for Page 40 Rs 250 pages for a ID,

Contact Details:-


Whatsapp No- 9790500767


I am interested in your project. Kindly, send the project details to this mail. ( or call me to 07708499815
I am interested.

please send it on
Please send me details on