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Full Version: DIRECTV Campaign - with highest payout
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It was pleasure speaking with you over skype and I would like you to offer my DIRECTV campaign. I would be providing you the Agemni portal to process the sales whereas our Quality Control team based in Louisiana will submit the order on AT&T portal after confirming the details and fixing the installation date.

Center will be provided with CRM and information time to time to let them know about their status of their sales


Pay period for all sales are as followed. All activations between Monday and Sunday are paid out 10 days later, every Wednesday. For example, if you have 5 activations between August 6th and August 12th, those activations are paid out on August 22nd.

The commission which I am offering

For Direct TV Residential activation of the SELECT package and above with GENIE, we shall pay you $190 for each installed account for low risk customer /$150 for medium/high/unknown risk customers.

we shall reimburse $50 when residential internet is successfully “bundled” with the above DIRECTV account.

Payment will be made via bank transfer or through Paypal.
Chargebacks for AT&T Video, Internet, and wireless activations along with ALL third partyinternet have a 180 day chargeback period.

Please be aware that when there is a chargeback pending. You will have 15 days to rectify the chargeback. If the chargeback is not reconciled, We will deduct the amount from your’s future sales until the amount is remedied.

Please make CERTAIN that your Customers understand they will be recieving a call from our Quality Control to verify there pricing and package information and schedule installation date. It is VERY helpful to get 2 phone numbers from the customers. It makes our confirmations faster and provides a quicker install.

All accounts will go through the DirecTV Fulfilments portal.
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Vinamra Sachdev
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