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[attachment=2961] :****  :****  :****  :**** WATCH OUT Martin Venkat is a BIG SCAMMER, his Skype id is live:5ce1a815b7091ada using LEGAL (VODA) FLORIDA and skype phone number +15136445451. His fake company is Martin Solutions llc, Port Sainte-Lucie in Florida.
He asked centers for a Vodafone US inbound campaign and AT&T with a HUGE security deposit.
He took my payment for about $3000 with nothing in return and he just argue me that I will never catch him for his job.
He works with Ibrahim Mohammed in Chenai to receive western union payment, Ibrahim has Rm Infotech skype signaure.
If anybody had a story about this guy, let's work together and run after this ghost of Martin.
Nirina + and +