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Sydney call centre with a difference
Make no compromise with your call centre when it comes to call centre norms. Sydney call centre can help your business grow. Visit us online
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If Any Difference Between Telemarketing And Telesales?what Are All?
What’s the difference between telemarketing and telesales?What can telemarketing be used for?
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Big Difference in DME Payouts- Why?
We are looking for a DME back brace program, and i noticed a HUGE difference in payout- from $30 per sale to $130 per sale. I realize some of it may be due to the difference in Medicare or PPO only. But $100 is a big difference in payout.

My questions are:

1) Why the big difference generally?
2) There are a lot of DME program providers. How can we really tell the difference between the legitimate and scammers?
3) What are some of the things we should ask program providers to help prote