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 :thup: Hi Everyone,

If you are currently speaking to clients on the phone we hope you can monetise more clients by simply tagging on a couple of questions to your existing script.

Are you currently on a debt management plan

Client must be on a fee paying dm plan
Client must be up to date with existing plan
Client must be under 65
Client must be paying minimum £150 a month to existing plan.

We can write off debts of the customers upto 70% depend upon cases to case.

payout up
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UK Debt Elimination
Hello All,

Please go through the below details

Leads generation for Debt Elimination UK

Criteria are as follows:
Min debt level 4k
Min Payment £150p/m to active debt man plan
Must have time to talk now
Must be interested in faster way out of debt.

Payout is GBP 18 and if center provides 10 leads a week then the payout will go to GBP 30.

Best Solution
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Hello All,

1. We will write off upto 50% customer's debts.
2. We will allow customer to pay monthly payments to pay off rest of the payment
3. Like DM their payments will be interest free.
4. IN Debt management customers creditors don't get paid anything for first 2 months, in DE we will pay creditors 50% for first 7 months.

For example you have a DMP customer who currently has debts of £10000 paying £200 a month, it will roughly take 50 months for customer to get debt free. Now, in DE
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US Credit card Debt Elimination Campaign/Fulfilled by Lawyers

Looking for call centers interested in a US Debt Elimination program.

Paid Fridays. Very lucrative!!!

Contact Dave
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UK Debt Elimination campaign
UK Debt Elimination campaign
Only for centers with past and proven experience in UK Debt Management / Elimination campaigns.
UK program top spot in the market of today.
• Payouts £60.00 per accepted lead that meets criteria from client (Debt Elimination)
• Payment terms, weekly net 7 by wire or PayPal.
• Monday – Friday 11:00 – 20:30 & Saturday from 10:00 – 15:00 BST
• Min 10 agents to start.
• Training material very limit due to your past experience with is a MUST to have.
• CRM trackin
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Debt Elimination Campaign (LI)
We're looking for call centers to generate leads for us in Debt Elimination/ Lower Interest Rate campaign in US & Canada. Data, Dialer & VoIP provided by us. Center job is to qualify the customer and give us live transfers.

> No Sales
> Weekly Payout
> High Commission

Tom Dale