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Author: maheshpatel - Replies: 29 - Views: 15849
tiff to excel conversion p[rocess
TIFF to Excel Conversion process

Number of seats required: 10 to 20
Workload: 30,000 - 35,000 Records(1 Slot)
Payout: 50 Rs per record
Payout Cycle: 11th day
Submission on : 8th day before 5:30PM
 Once after the submission done: Quality Report will be shared
On 10th day and the 11th day invoice will be cleared and the ne
Author: travor.chiu - Replies: 0 - Views: 1237
Tiff To Excel Data Enty
Input file type: Tiff images or PDF
Data from the images to be entered into Excel sheet and calculations to be done on the same and entered into predefined Excel format.

Seven data entry fields and six calculation fields to be entered in Excel.

Work load: 46,000 records-1 slot for 10 seats

Payout: Rs.60/- per record

Payout Cycle: 14th day

Submission On: 10th day before 5:30pm

Upon submission of the work report on the 10th day within the stipulated time, the quality report fo