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UK's Leading Business Utility Comparison Sites
Is looking for more Call Centers to work with our Very Easy
UK B2B Hot Key Transfer - Utilities and Telecom


Campaign Type: B2B Hot Key Transfer
Campaign Target: UK B2B
Payout: Pay Per Live Line Transfer
Payout Rate: £45 P.L.T
Payment Cycle: Bi Weekly
Calling lists not provided
We provide full support and product trainings

Our Elite New Business Sales Team at our Head Office in Manchester will fully
pitch the customer, handle an
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B2b Mobiles , Landlines And Utility
If you require Contract end data for b2b mobile phone, fixed line, energy, Soho O2, Orange Sme etc. then please get in touch as i may be able to offer them at attractive prices :-)

Contact us back on
leads at glance 2007 dot com
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Uk B2b Telecom & Utility
Hello Everyone ,

We are looking to sell B2B Leads and Appointments for both Telecoms & Utility . if interested feel free to contact on leads at glance2007 dot com


Author: kbeasley300 - Replies: 16 - Views: 5450
Solar Utility Bill Collection/Credit Check Process $250 per lead
Call on your lead

Use script/talk about the free Solar program, benefits, and guarantees. Ensure the lead that there is no leasing or purchasing, it is a PPA(they are just purchasing the power we produce from our solar equipment)
Author: Millie Ross - Replies: 1 - Views: 1000
UK Energy / Utility Sales Process
Energy companies are set up for brokers to deliver qualified customers and the contracts are always expiring leaving a tremendous opportunity to switch them over. Vender has ties to many top energy companies in the UK to offer a lower rate to businesses. They've been running for over 4 years solid.
Dialing Hours: 9am to 6pm UK Time
Pay Frequency:
Live Payout = typically within 3 weeks
reporting: Weekly email updates and event based updates
Leads: Not provided
Those who are interested sho
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Uk B2B campaign utility leads
Hi, We are a growing uk company looking for a strategic partner preferably in the Philippines.
The process would be outbound voice campaign and we would supply system and data for lead generation. This is business to business process if you have done something like this before please get in touch by email or message me here.