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Full Version: Outbound campaign with Guaranteed Payout!
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We have a contract with a large International Corporation to supply outbound services with pay.
Terms and conditions
1. Guaranteed Payout is US$ 8.00 per agent, per hour, based on 48 hours per week.
2. Client will supply all leads, for all countries.
3. Calling countries are: US, Canada, England, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, any Spanish speaking countries, France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Russia. (more to come)
4. Maximum number of seats per Call Center 6 slots (30 seats), upgradable to 100 after 3 month of operation.
5. Minimum seats per call center 1 slot (5 seats).
6. Training (2-3 days) to be provided by the client before we conduct mock calls
7. Number of seats available (500 only.)
8. Contract duration 12 Month, renewable for an additional 12 Month.
9. Campaign Type (B2C and B2B)

1. Submit your Company Brochure with pictures of your Call Center.
2. A valid copy of your business registration.
3. If you are part of the selected group, a onetime consultation/documentation fee of US$ 50.00 per seat, or YS$ 250.00 per slot is payable to Globe On Line International Inc.
4. Payment can be made via Credit Card, Pay Pal, Direct Bank to Bank transfer and/or Western Union remittance payable to Globe On Line International.
5. When payment is received the client will send a contract and NCDA, for your signing.
6. From this point onwards, you will deal directly and only with the Client.
7. No other fees, residual income or hidden charges
8. Payout cycle is Monday to Saturday. You can submit your invoice to the client on the following Monday and payment is within 3 working days.

We appreciate serious inquires only, from Call Centers who can work on Volume and Quality.
(We respect your time& efforts and we expect you to do the same.)
Looking forward to work with your company.