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Full Version: Weekly Payouts, Energy Deregulation - Hourly vs Commission
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Looking for good English speaking call centers with their own dialer.

We provide the leads, scripts, rebuttals.
Energy Deregulation.

Offering Payouts of Hourly Versus Commission, whichever makes your center more money!

Weekly payouts.

So how do you get more information? 3 ways.

1) Go to http://www.****/partnership-opportunities/

2) Send me an email at j.meyer@****

3) Leave your email here and I'll write you.

Again you must:
1) Have your own dialer
2) Have a team of at least 5 to start up
3) Knows how to get a team trained and started up

Please do not write me if you don't have the top three setup and ready to go. Not looking to hire someone in weeks to a month, but now =)

Hourly payouts up to $10/hr (605.10 Rupee/hr) or ( $48,408 Rupee/day with 10 agents)
Commission payouts up to $32 per customer (1936.32 Rupee/cust)

Average production 3-5 customers per agent per day.

Encase any of you are unfamiliar, with energy deregulation there is nothing to sell.
These customers must pay their electric bill every month to ensure their lights are on,
this bill does not go away. Your agents get to call these customers with good news on
helping them save on this bill.

We have the 3 qualifications and we are interested to dial your campaign.

You can email me at

Hope to hear from you.


I am interested and we are the center kindly send me details at

Alok Kamboj

We have all 3 requirement and also team. We are running our own tech support process. Please email how to proceed.