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(02-10-2015, 06:00 PM)bgmleadgen Wrote:

Link Not Allowed!

We are a UK based Lead Generation Agency.

We currently have a number of projects that we are looking to outsource. We are looking to find established partners who can work with us and generate high-quality, converting leads for our campaigns.

If you are seeking UK AND US campaigns, please get in touch and I will be happy to discuss further.

Currently, we are running the following campaigns:

UK Solar.
UK Pensions and Investments.
UK Windows and Conseratories.
UK Boiler Finance.
UK Boiler Hotkey.
US Solar.
US Business Finance / Loans.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Multiple UK B2B Campaigns.
B2B and B2C surveys.

Hi, could you please email me the campaign details at
This sounds really good. Please email me the details on
(02-10-2015, 06:00 PM)Hi Wrote:

Link Not Allowed!

My name is Nabi Azam, owner of Span Bpo . We are a technology based solar Sales lead generation/appointments setting and live transfers company with our corporate office in TX. We pride ourselves as being the best solar lead generation company with 140 highly trained solar reps, full recording, quality control managers, and a full time IT staff. We have a multi channel approach which includes mobile search, ppc, call center. 

Exciting things are happening with you. We are looking for a long term partner that is stable and growing. We provide high quality/high volume transfers/appointments of homeowners with good credit, little to no shade, $150+ monthly electric bills, not on gov't assistance, good roofs, and wanting to go green. 

I hope this message finds you well and I look forward to hearing from you.

send me details@

Converso is a leading contact centre service provider in UK. We are serving our clients since 1997 world wide. We have 200 plus sitting capacity. We are looking for some genuine UK based call answering projects.

We offer the following services to our customers:

-- Lead Generation / Lead Conversion
-- Inbound / Outbound Telesales
-- Customer Support Help Desk
-- Customer Acquisition
-- Technical Support
-- Virtual Receptionist
-- Out of Hours Call Handling

Please send the details at or

Chris Persson
Interested in this project pls send details to:
Interested in your UK based campaigns ,can you just mail me the campaigns details??
We are looking out for some experienced on UK Survey
We have a lot of campaigns on UK Survey like PPI, PMI, IVA, ISA, CLC, Magazine, RTA, Newspaper, Charity, Solar, Boiler, Utility, Washing Machine, TV etc
Great payouts and payment terms offered
Drop a line at asap if you are experienced on UK Survey
Skype: newvoiceprocesses
Kindly Share the Details to
dear sir

pls send me the details of your projects
i am intrested to this projects

my mail id
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