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Full Version: Tired of paying insane hosting rates?!? How about $500 for 20 seats!
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First 20 Companies get 20 seats on a hosted ViciDial setup with full access for only $500! Want an Avatar, add $100/mth and it'll be added to your setup.

Introducing the lowest cost ViciDial hosted VOIP Predictive Auto Dialer.

Our company started by working as a call center with our own in house dialer.
As we grew so did our tech department and our server room, we had one cluster
handling 450 agents from around the world on a single energy campaign!
Now we are offering our specialized skills to the world and beginning our hosting 

Unlike others out there you will have full access of the administrative login to setup
as many campaigns as you want, add users, change, delete users at will, load your 
own leads, work with your own carriers and more! If you don't have a carrier available 
we offer our own carrier that charges only $0.0089/minute! We also offer free DID's, 
which is the number that shows on your customers phone when you call them! Now 
you get free local DID's so where you call you appear a local resident, not as a 
telemarketing firm.

We are offering this special sign up rate only to the first 20 companies to sign up! 
And at other hosting rates of $100 per seat, this breaks down to $25 per seat! So 
this deal will go fast and the rest will have the ability to use our services, but the 
rates will be moving to per seat. Of course we'll still be super competitive and 
ensure we come in under the rest so no fears.

While the site's in development you can view more information on the dialer system 
that will be made available to you by visiting **** if you wish to 
be one of the first 20 companies at $500/mth email me directly at 
info@**** for more information and an application form to get started.

More information will be available on HostedCenter(dot)com when the sites construction 
is finished later this week, again more information on the dialer is available at ****