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Full Version: Outbound Telesales Campaign-Singapore
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Are you interested to diversify into the health food business?

Our Organization, BODY LANGUAGE GROUP is an Australian / Singapore Company specializing in marketing Health Related Products. The business was set up in collaboration with our Australian counterparts in 1987, and has since grown and diversified into a local and international business.

Our company has been awarded the ISO 9002 Certification in 2002.

We market specialized Nutritional Supplements from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore & India, such as Weight Reduction, Brain & Memory Enhancement, Immune Boosting, Internal Body-Detoxification & Cleansing, Reducing Joint-Pains & Body Aches and Anti-Oxidant Formulas, Virility & Sexual Enhancement, Prostrate-Care, and even Pet-Care . All of these products have been well advertised and accepted in the local markets. We have also enjoyed very good success through Telephone Sales & Home Delivery, with extra emphasis on Customer Care.

Due to our company’s expansion to UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, and especially in the USA, PHILIPPINES, INDIA, and SINGAPORE, we are outsourcing our projects to Call-Centers who are keen to handle the telemarketing (outbound sales) for our company.

We are in a sense offering you the opportunity to diversify to Health Food Marketing, except that you will not need to invest any money on Stock, Warehousing, Duties, Logistics & Deliveries, and Advertising etc. We will take care of all that. All you need to do is to get the sales orders using your existing infrastructure & good sales personnel (we will train your Trainers).

We are NOT looking to employing the ‘Services’ of call Centers, but instead are looking for Parties with such infrastructure, to consider DIVERSIFYING into this Health Foods Marketing Business with us, if they recognize the potential of doing so.

This is a Business-Proposal, and NOT an offer to employ the ‘Services’ of Call Centers / Contact Centers as such.

This means that, like in any Business, you would get rewarded, when Sales are produced, of course there would be no ceiling either, as to how much you could possibly earn. In other words, this is a PURELY PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE arrangement.
As such, it would be absolutely necessary for you and/or your Trainers to pay us a visit to Singapore for proper Training and business meeting before you begin this or any other ‘Pay-for-Performance’ campaign.

One advantage of working/partnering with us is that, we are unlike any other client, because we don’t just merely give you our products to sell, but we teach your Trainers how to do the sales.

This is because, we ourselves are currently doing the telesales also, thus we will be able to let you and your trainers see an actual ‘working model’ once you pay us a visit. We will practically ‘spoon-feed’ your trainers in detail, exactly how to sell the products. We will go right down to the basics of a telesales, so that you need not worry too much about any shortcomings your agents may have in order to be able to deliver results. This is one key advantage of teaming-up with us.

We do not want you to confuse this to be another request for Call Center Services, but instead, an offer to become our Marketing Partner instead. We only need to proceed further if this is CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD. Thank you.

We look forward hearing from you.

No broker please, Call Center please send me your Company Profile and/or Proposal for review.

Thank you
John Robin Avendano
skype: proleads.work1