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Full Version: Looking for Potential Clients for our Job Recruitment Marketplace
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Welcome to solversINC, the talent acquisition and retention marketplace for employers.

Powered by a large number of recruitment agencies, specialist recruiters and partnerships with other candidate sourcing
agencies coupled with technology driven matching algorithms - we can help you put your talent acquisition needs on autopilot.

Found by people, screened by people, ranked and matched by technology, you can close your talent needs within shorter time frame
Get the benefit of working with multiple vendors through a single point of contact and without the hassles of multi vendor management
Reduce your time to hire and multiply your speed to hire

Permanent recruitment or professional or general staffing or just payroll management services,
consultants for a short term project or time share recruiters to amp up your recruitment team during peak hiring periods
- whatever your talent acquisition requirement - we usually have a solution.

For staffing solutions and other services please inform the helpdesk and a custom offer will be created further to understanding your specific requirement

Want to get started or know more about how this works - please reach our customer helpdesk at or +91 11 2622 3692

Alternatively please connect with Devashish Kumar at +91 7838197352 / +91 8700587197 to share your requirements
Feels free to contact me

We have best candidates for you without any cost.
Please feel free to contact me.

my mail id :
or call & whatsapp : +918700587197