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Outsource Your - Tony Fredrich - 16-01-2013


I'm Tony Fredrich, Senior Marketing Representative of Outsource Georgia, handling all incoming campaigns. I would like to discuss with you more about our company, what we can offer you, and more.
We are currently looking for some inbount/outbount projects..

Outsource Georgia can give you the option of getting your inbound/outbound campaigns off the ground in a professional way for a really low cost, which makes it easy to be profitable.

For more information, you can visit our ****

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Hoping to hear from you!

With high regards,


RE: Outsource Your - Promythius Services - 23-01-2013


Myself Jeet (BDE) here from Anjaybee Infotech Pvt Ltd, India

Our Management is looking for some genuine International / Domestic clients to provide them the best satisfactory solutions possible, so if you are interested kindly provide us the Project details along with the agreements details & also the terms & conditions so that we can discuss further and will sent you’re the complete company profile along with the license docs.

Here comes the company profiling of Anjaybee Infotech Pvt Ltd , Guwahati , Assam , India.

Mission & Vision

Ø To set a new benchmark in the BPO Sector with a desire to go all out to evolve as a leading service provider of voice/data based support services ,training and outsourcing solutions in the North Eastern region..”

Ø To build a profitable enterprise by exploiting the economic potential of agricultural and horticultural produce, with significant local and overseas market presence and brand equity, by catering to customers’ demands for fair prices, assured quality, timely availability, convenience and a delightful shopping experience.”

HISTORY with Anjaybee Infotech

Started in 2005 the idea behind Anjaybee was a basic business tenet: industry should be as close to its raw material source as possible. “People from the North East have played a major role in the growth of the BPO business across India. So, if the raw material is here, why not have the business here too?.
Anjaybee kicked off in the beginning with just 25 seats and 40 agents for its first customer, Aircel. Since then, the management has invested around Rs 17 crore, mostly from bank loans, on ramping up operations. The company clocked revenues of Rs 20 crore in FY11, with gross profit margin of 15-20% and expects to have closed FY12 with a topline of Rs 26 crore. Anjaybee now services almost all the major mobile service operators in the region; each Anjaybee client has a separate stand-alone building, with dedicated floors for different inbound and outbound services.
if you are in North East India and need to call your mobile service provider, it doesn’t matter which network you’re on or what your problem is, your call will most likely be picked up by an Anjaybee Infotech employee sitting in Guwahati, Shillong or Patna. These 1,600-odd executives handle 200,000 calls every day in 14 languages spoken across the region. Each client has a stand-alone building, with dedicated floors for different inbound and outbound services.

Growth & Oppurtunity with Anjaybee Infotech

Attrition levels is not so high since Guwahati is the hub of all North eastern states and it is quite easy to hire & walk-in interviews are common at the Guwahati campus and an HR team regularly visits colleges and job fairs across the North East to seek people with specific language skills. The management consist of all experienced senior people who are also locals who’ve returned after spending many years in BPOs in Gurgaon and Bengaluru.

“Working in your home state is emotionally satisfying,” says Paran Borah, Head of Operations, who’s returned after four years in Gurgaon. If the growth curve continues its current trajectory, there may be many more young & talented people making their way back home and making the company’s growth reach upto a level of a successful company. People who are working & residing outside Assam are returning back form Bangalore , Gurgaon & Delhi to their local place and it is increasing eventually day by day , so employment & growth with all experienced people will help us to achieve the target as a successful company.

Company Profile

Here we go with the Company History & Profile in the att. ppt. Also find the scan docs in the zip File regarding Company History

Note : The company profile has been submitted to your queue along with all the company docs, kindly provide us the Project details along with the terms & conditions and all necessary docs required for the sign up.


Address --- House no. 35, Sewali Path, Near Meghamallar Housing Society , Hatigaon , Guwahati – 781006, Assam

Feel Free to contact any of our Business Development Executives for New Business & Projects

1. Mr Sandip Chowdhury
Contact No. - + 91 9902459168

2. Mr Subojit Saha
Contact No. – + 91 9035726505

3. Mr Niskol Dev
Contact No. – + 91 8884270608

Let me know if you need any information from our end.

Thanks & Regards,
Mr Subojit Saha
Business Development Executive
Contact No. – + 91 9035726505